Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

MC600 Multi-Channel Controller

MC600 Multi-Channel Controller The MC600 is a microprocessor-based multi-channel controller that provides six channels of continuous gas detection. It can be configured as either a local gas detection system, or it can be networked to provide a large plant-wide distributed safety system. It is compatible with our hydrocarbon sensors, H2S sensors, as well as our S4000CH, S4100C, S4000TH, S4100T, IR400, IR5500, IR700, TS4000H, Observer, and Surveyor gas detectors.

Zero Two Series Gas and Flame Detection System

Zero Two Series Gas and Flame Detection System Modular system offering the widest range of control cards for use in an integrated fire and/or gas detection system. The Zero Two Series system can monitor any combination of the following: combustible gas, H2S, toxic gas, ultrasonic, oxygen deficiency and flame detection. In addition, its open architecture allows the system to accommodate other sensing devices for tasks such as smoke detection, heat detection and manual call points. 

TA502A Single Channel Trip Amplifier Module

TA502A Single Channel Trip Amplifier Module The TA502A is a single-channel generic trip amplifier designed for use in Zero Two Series Gas and Flame Detection Systems. It is used to process the 0-22 mA signal from any field mounted transmitter.

CC02A Serial Communications Module

CC02A Serial Communications Module The CC02A Communications Card facilitates serial communications between each module in a Zero Two Series Flame and Gas Detection System and an external host computer, which allows fast access to operational and setup data registers. It supports a Burst Read feature that returns all registers of a module in a single transmission.

FM002A Facilities Module

FM002A Facilities Module The FM002A is a facilities module that provides a range of common facilities for all Zero Two control modules housed in the chassis. The FM002A is plugged into the last slot on the right-hand side of the Zero Two chassis. It may be daisy-chained allowing one FM002A to serve up to 100 Zero Two modules in any combination.

IN042 Four Zone Control Module

IN042 Four Zone Control Module The IN042 is a four zone input module designed for use with two-wire field devices such as smoke or heat detectors, pull switches and manual callpoints. It is designed to monitor these devices and provide both status indication and fault / alarm outputs for each zone.

MD002 Monitored Driver Output Module

MD002 Monitored Driver Output Module The MD002 is a monitored driver output module designed for four independent outputs requiring monitoring in their non-active state, such as extinguishing solenoids, beacons, horns, etc. Each driver is independent and has circuitry to monitor short and open circuits in field wiring.

ZN002A Three Zone Control Module

ZN002A Three Zone Control Module The ZN002A is a Zone Control Module for the Zero Two Series Fire and Gas Detection System. The ZN002A provides zoning and voting functions for three separate and independent zones of gas and / or flame detection.

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