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Carbo-Lite cylinders is high-pressure air container made of carbon FRP. It is the lightweight, laminated structure container made up of the aluminum liner with preservative-treated inner surface, carbon fiber and epoxy resin. And also outer surface is wrapped by glass fiber for enhancing resistance to impact. Available air supply durations of 30, 45 and 60 minutes with / without the pressure gauge. 

  • Lightweight and robust high-pressure air container made of carbon FRP.
  • Available 4 types; CL-30 (14.7MPa for 30 min), CH-30 (29.4MPa for 30 min), CH-45 (29.4MPa for 45 min), CH-60 (29.4MPa for 60 min)
  • Available 3 valve types; without a pressure gauge, with a standard pressure gauge and with a built-in pressure gauge
  • The valves are also available 2 types of thread angle; 90-degree and 150-degree that enable to choose an optimum one for their own SCBAs.
Markets: Fire Service, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

High Pressure Gas Safety Act (Japan)