SMC FieldServer: Energy Metering

Energy Metering


Gateway products to maximize savings.

Energy and electric power conservation begins in the cloud.

FieldServer’s protocol gateway transforms the way building, facility, and plant managers make environmentally conscious and business-smart decisions about energy usage – all while maintaining compliance with government mandates. With FieldServer’s proven BACnet EtherNet/IP gateway and industrial IoT solutions, you get seamless, cloud-based connection for real-time, contextualized intel that helps reduce energy waste.

Ready-to-Use Solution

Achieves quick, uninterrupted Modbus to BACnet or BMS network integration, including connection to your facility’s SCADA and the cloud.


Creates an efficient and effective operation so your system works as one to save time, energy, and costs.

Unified Connection

Enables disparate energy meters to become an integral part of the connected energy management system, including connecting energy metering equipment and controllers to third-party controllers and networks.


Energy Monitoring

Moving Energy Data to a SCADA System for Vitalization & Reporting


Moving Energy Data into Analytics Systems (Cloud & local) for Analytics

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