SMC FieldServer: OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)


Proven, reliable, agile automation.

Intelligent connection that rises up to your intelligent devices.

When time is tight and resources are in short supply, there’s little room for anything else but a proven, reliable, cost-effective solution. Even better? Easy set up and very little field commission time. Enter the FieldServer suite of automation gateway products. We provide machine and equipment builders with an array of best-in-class communication protocols, including BACnet EtherNet/IP, SNMP, and Modbus.


Maximize operational intelligence by accelerating time to market and streamlining integration of automation protocols.


Boost competencies with seamless connection of all types of intelligent devices with third-party automation systems – and the cloud.

Salesforce Multiplication

Expand efforts to meet customer demand within weeks vs. months by having a wide range of proven protocol connectivity solutions and other resources at your disposal.

Equipment and Devices


Boiler Control

Energy Management


Industrial Automation

Power Generation

Hazardous Gas & Flame Detection

Industrial Cooling Fans

Meters & Monitors

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